​It has been 21 years of my existence and I have been working on the definition of friendship from a long time.It is one of the things which has been my biggest motivator with words.My complete journey with all the friends I have had uptil now, has groomed me to the person I am today.Very few of them still hold the same old place,infact have even been promoted!πŸ˜ƒ This write up is dedicated to two such crazy homo sapiens whom I call my BEST FRIENDS πŸ’… and it is them who have taught me the greatest of lessons , a part of which I have jotted below.

“Friendship is not about how long you have been together, but how long you decide to stick that way.It is not about how many hours you get to see each other, 24*7 or none. But it is definitely about how much you appreciate the presence, sometimes even silence, when you FEEL topics to talk about have been exhausted.

Moments to be cherished can be recognised easily.A silly chat over what kind of animal the other person resembles to all grave discussions about challenging situations, a good bond accommodates them beautifully! 

For two bestfriends,they complete each other’s world.They themselves are sufficient enough to be a team that can work as well as party together.I won’t say that the world except your bestfriend shouldn’t exist.But you and your bestfriend should be able form a whole new world!”




This love doesn’t show up in scribblings on paper or desks,

It rises from my heart and enlightens my soul.

This love doesn’t believe in ripping off life from my veins,

But in living, content with the warmth of his happiness.

This love doesn’t read many romantic legends,

 a quick ,deep look into his eyes is all what I need.

This love doesn’t want the melodramatic cute conversations,

even the silence,when I am with him is enough.

This love doesn’t make my heart skip a beat,

but makes me live a moment longer.

This love might not be a fabled tale,

it still is my favourite.

This love doesn’t satisfy my desire for him,

but it has made me stronger….to love him even more πŸ’πŸ’