The best thing about love is that you never know you would fall for it, that is why may be,  it is called “falling” in love.It might be a stranger, a friend, a bestfriend or it might just be the smile! Moreover getting loved back is not a choice but loving someone is.Trust me it is a beautiful, when thinking about someone soothens you as well as gives you goosebumps.I feel it is not something that one can decide or control.But it might be something that can help you decide or control.Thought to be clear about is infatuation and love.You can let go of infatuation but love… I don’t think so!πŸ˜‰ You may avoid it , but it would stay.

   Love isn’t all about sacrifices.It is about stealing a glance when he laughs, getting him a hot cup of coffee or hearing his troubles.It is about standing beside him always, no matter what happens.It is definitely about not expecting returns, holding him tight when tornadoes are ready to hit.Love, to me, is the ability to make him feel special… wanted and admired for someone who he is, not to mould him into someone he is not, just to seek perfection.

Love is loving him always even after knowing that the wait won’t help.



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