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Little things…

It’s not about the gifts and surprises,

but about the kisses on my forehead.

It’s not about being available ,

but about standing beside, holding my hand always.

It’s not about our laughs together,

but about our tears.

It’s not about our trips and clicks,

but about our strolls, late at night.

It’s not about how often we call each other,

but about the spark through which our eyes used to communicate.

It’s not just about “goodmornings”,

It’s a lot about “goodnights”.

It’s neither about you nor about me,

I thought it was about us.

It surely is not about the big things,

but yes, about the little things !



Yes, I fall “Sick” often…

I still remember the times when I only thought of escaping from the place I called home.I daydreamt of living in a city where I could be all by myself, being independent in short.I longed for a more developed place where I could get better education and opportunities.Kota was my first “away from home” expedition, which although lasted for two years.

I joined Vibrant Academy Kota ,in 2011,after my 10th class.Thamba! It wasn’t easy to convince my parents.I cried,fought because I wanted to study in a better atmos where I could thoroughly prepare for IIT JEE.After a year of nudging, my dad said a yes! That was the beginning to a journey I had bucked myself up for.

I have arranged everything for you and I’ll leave for Sagar tonight,” said my dad while I was unpacking.I sat still for a moment and then hugged him with tears strolling down my face.I was excited to handle things on my own, but the thought of not finding my dad’s arms open whenever i came to my room,made me tremble.I stayed there for two years, burning the midnight oil.Many a times, I cried all alone in my room because I felt hollow without my loved ones.Also, it was this life that taught me to eat without any tantrums.Every bite reminded me of the delicious meals my mumma prepared for us.

Those were my first signs of homesickness.Later I joined college in Indore.I had been living far from my family for long enough now,but still couldn’t help crying in the earlier days in the new city.The pangs of hankering still hit me often.

I have good friends,rather a family out there in Indore, but the essence of a home is felt with my parents and brother.It is funny when I think about how I had always hated to stay at home.Now I have to schedule my days to visit my family here in Sagar.Recently,frustrated from the dramaturgical life I have been living in, I decided to rush back home.Even if they don’t know about my problems and even if we don’t discuss about them, there is a vibe of calmness back here.And so,here I am writing about it, out on the terrace where this app and hammock are my best pals! 

Concluding this write up,I can say home is a place you can remigrate anytime and it would welcome you with the same affection and warmth.It is now when I understand the statement –“Home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you are at your worst!”

P.S.- You  get bed tea at home. What’s better than that! 😛