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Everyone’s enjoying ,

laughing so hard.

After all it is christmas,

But mine is barred.
Not because someone told me to,

But it just doesn’t feel right.

I experience a hollow me,

A “ME” which I have to fight.

The planning, elation, excitement for today,

Was only when I thought it to be with you.


its only the darkness that grew.

Coz you still are my jingle,

and you will always be.

The world and I will hate me for this,

But I’m really stuck and you are the only key!




It was through him,

I had fallen into the dark cliff.

It was through him,

I rose…

I levitated when i heard the echoing scream,

The disparaging scream of my soul,

Because I had surrendered the dignity of my being,

Into the hands of hollow hope!
The sunshine was waiting to replenish my nerves,

warmth penetrating,joy overflowed..

It was time to rejoice self worth,

as I realised my esteem was safer in my hands.

Ticking of clock doesn’t stop,

just bedews life with experiences,

moulding every moment worthy of occuring,

teaching you what it is all about!! 



Elixir poured through the turbid sky,

the cool breeze flew in .

The night dropped its anchor,they knew twas wrong,

but neither of them blinned.

The thunder hid the chaos of their pounding hearts,

the darkness adumbrated the gulps.

Hiding his head in her arms,

he locked his fingers into her stulp.

With the swilling emotions,his breath embellished her neck,

the moan of love now deafened the world.

Fondling with her lips,he held her hard,

giving up,she purled herself in.

Melodies of his touch echoed in her soul,

it was the first time she had experienced the symphonies.

Her alluring and ambroisal presence took over him,

he fell deep, only to wait for an epiphany.

Amidst the petting,she revealed the flood her eyes beheld.

Conscience struck heavy on his heart.

They unlocked their amative kiss,

bonded forever,both vanished into worlds…. miles apart.

The blazing daylight forced open her eyes,

blot of her tear drabbed his shimmery wedding card.

She smiled looking at his picture realising,

she was the shore that his everlasting waves will touch and retreat.